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K-1st grade:
Start the season in Mid September
Will have 6 - 1 hour sessions on Sundays ending with a mini tournament
Time: Noon to 1pm
Dates: 9/13, 9/20, 9/27, 10/4, 10/11, 10/18
Location: Finn Road Park - Field E
2nd-4th grade:
Season start week of 8/25
Practice: on Tuesday’s and Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm
Games: only on Sunday’s (new for 2015) and after 1pm
Location: Finn Road Park - Field E
5th-6th grade:
Start the season the week of 8/24
Practice: on Monday and Wednesday’s from 6pm to 8pm
Games: will be on Sunday’s
Home field/practices: Millbrook field
7th-8th grade:
Start the season the week of 8/24
Practice: on Tuesday and Thursday’s from 6pm to 8pm
Games: will be on Sunday’s
Home field/practices: Millbrook field


The Union Township Recreation Sports Program (Jr. Lions Field Hockey) emphasizes full participation and FUN! Every child will learn the sport of field hockey, have fun and play in a safe environment.  We want every child to leave the sport at the end of the season, wanting to come back! We just want them to have a love of the game!!! If you child has never played before, we welcome all skill levels!!! We have had many 8th graders that started the sport for the 1st time.

K-1st grade will play together STARTING mid-September in a clinic format. Children just learn the basics of field hockey and play games like red light/green light, dog with a bone and more. Clinics are 1 hour for 6 weeks. Fun, Fun and Fun are the topics of the day!

2nd - 4th grade will play together with a combination of girls from across the sending districts, skill level and grades, teams will be evenly matched. Children will play 6 v 6 on a small sized field. This is the first entree into game play but winning is not the more important thing. We work together as a team and encourage all children to play multiple positions. We want everyone to play at least 2 halves per game, when appropriate. Teamwork is key and supporting each other - no matter what happens on the field, is vitally important.

5th - 6th grade will play NJ high school field hockey rules on a large field in 11 v 11 format. This is the first year that goalies are introduced to the game. The game is longer and faster than previous years but the children are ready to spread their wings when they move up from the small field. We want the children to play different types of positions so they further learn the game. While the players get more competitive, it is more important that they learn the values of the sport - teamwork, being supportive, being good sports vs. winning or loosing.

7th - 8th (similar to 5th/6th grade) will play high school rules.  Girls start to feel comfortable in a specific position and usually ask to stay in one place. The main goal is to continue to have a love for the sport, good attitude, being supportive and a good team player. The competition increases but just like 5th/6th grade, we want children to gain the values from sport that makes it worth it in the end.


For all players: field hockey sticks, shin pads, colored mouth guard, eye googles