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contact: Bob Mazurkiewicz


phone: 732-266-1977

Grades K thru 8

Important dates

Registrations will end on November 14, 2018 at 8:00pm with late fees starting on November 15, 2018.

All late registrants in grades 3-8 risk not being placed on a team based on the number of teams, coaches and players at any given level. Please register before the 14th.

Grades 3-8 will receive email with evaluation time and date when registration is complete.

Grades K-2 will begin practice/games will start in early December.

Last updated 11/11/18

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the season begin? End? What time will the different ages play?
The season will run from mid November to the first week in March. PLayoffs for the older children may extend the season an additional week or two. K thru 2nd grade will play only on week nights (starting in December). 3rd through 8th grades will play on Saturdays with practices and games on week nights or Saturday mornings. If the school is closed for either a break or a weather related closing all basketball is cancelled.

What are the age groups? Is it coed?
The age groups are as follows: K/1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd/4th grade, 5th/6th grade, and 7th/8th grade. K/1st grade will be coed. All other levels are not coed (boys play against boys and girls play against girls.)

Do our children play against other schools?
K - 2nd grade will not play against other schools, they only play against Union Township teams. However, 3rd through 8th grade will play against Bethlehem Township, Franklin, Clinton Public, and Clinton Township.

Is this a “competitive” program?
Not necessarily. This is not like “traveling” sports where winning is everything and children may fail to make a team. Our goal is to balance out the abilities of all teams, not create an “A” or “B” team with the weakest players on the “C” team. All players will play a minimum of half a game (provided they are active and show up for practices etc.).

My daughter/son is an exceptional player. Can they play “up” a grade level?
No. Remember, the purpose is to provide an avenue of fun, and to allow them to enjoy playing recreationally against their peers.

When will teams be picked? How will we know whose team my daughter/son is on?
Teams will be picked after the evaluations done during the first practices. The respective coaches will notify the team members of their selection and of practice schedules. Any child that is wait listed will be notified either way after the second week of November.

Are there playoffs?
Yes, the playoff will begin in March. 1st through 4th grades do not have a playoffs.

What does my registration cost cover?
The Rec. committee has to pay the janitors for their weekend coverage (it is mandatory) We also upgraded the jerseys the children received to reversible team jerseys rather than the typical t-shirts. Also, we are paying more for certified adult refs for some 5th & 6th games and all 7th & 8th grade games to help keep the games under control. The other costs involved in the program include equipment (balls, pinnies, cones, etc.) Year-end trophies, and first aid supplies. We generally break even at years end.

Are there going to be evaluations?
The only purpose for evaluations is to try to keep the teams balanced, not to cut children. All registered participants will be put on a team.

What happens if my daughter/son decides during the season to quit?
No refunds will be given once teams are established.

My daughter / son does not go to UTS, can they play?
Yes, the program is open to all residents of Union Township regardless of their school of origin.

What if my daughter / son makes the school team?
Both the UTS Girls and the Boys coaches are willing to allow all team members to participate in the Rec basketball program. Tryouts for school teams will be either right before, or after Thanksgiving.

Why a wait list? What is the big deal about adding a child or two?
After we pick teams (balancing abilities of children to attempt to even out the teams). We also order uniforms, and establish schedules with the other schools. We do not want to overpopulate teams, which affects playing time for all, and a child’s ability to have fun (a team of 8 kids is great- a team of 10 is a long frustrating season). It is impossible to create a new team once the process is in motion.